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Youtube Advertising

Your ads; If you want to benefit from hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, we can help!

With any ad format (image, video, and text), you can target specific content categories, such as different placements in the YouTube site, Science, Technology, or Education.You can also exclude targeted content on YouTube so that it does not appear with your ads.

Why Youtube Ads
With YouTube ads, you can increase your brand awareness. In addition to selling to the target audience, you can interact with them by producing interesting and useful content. With the flexibility of YouTube ads, you can communicate with your target audience at the frequency you want.

YouTube is next to advertisers at ad pricing. After you've published your ad, the end user will necessarily follow your ad for the first 5 seconds. If who hit the "Skip Ad" button after 5 seconds, the ad will not be charged. YouTube doesn't charge a fee based on the assumption that the user has not interacted with the ad.Likewise, if the user closes the ad within 30 seconds, the firm will not charge any fees. These are some of the most important reasons for improving YouTube's ad performance.

Advanced Targeting Option
With YouTube's targeting technology, you can optimize your target audience. You can create a targeting based on demographics, interests, age and gender, and you can send your message to the end user. For example; Within these targeting criteria, you can target women who travel between the ages of 18-24.

You can also use Google Adwords lists in our remarketing ads in Youtube. Users who have already visited your site can be targeted with YouTube ads, allowing you to send the message you want. By doing so, you can increase your YouTube ad performance by doing smart targeting with a small budget.

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