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Instagram ads have entered our lives in September 2015 as a brand new advertising product within Facebook. In this sincere and vibrant social environment where millions of users share their moments with their stories, it will be possible to take advantage of Facebook's interest, behavioral and demographic-weighted targeting options.

Instagram already dozens of brands, Instagram took the position to make advertising. Evaluating these ads with broad targeting options requires separate expertise. We manage your Instagram advertisements in your name, develop strategies that can send quality and turn-educated traffic to your internet site or mobile application as Sare Medya

Instagram ads have pay-per-view (CPM) and pay-per-click (CPC) options, just as they are on Facebook. There are 3 different options you can use as an advertising model for your ad charts: single image (Photo Ads), multiple images (Carousel Ads) (Video Ads) Of course, in the beginning of the company's most important topics in all of these advertising models, ads that are not able to adversely affect the user experience will show advertisements of products or services interested in instagram users using a variety of different algorithms such as targeting and interest.

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