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Google AdWords advertising can be placed on the top-right and right-hand column of the Gmail users' Gmail accounts, which are Google's email services. If you are already advertising through Adwords and you want to show your ads to Gmail users, you can expand your campaign by advertising in Gmail, reaching out to your customers using those ads that most people are using for long periods of time. For example, by adding the names of competitor brands and websites as keywords, you can show people who read email newsletters they have been sent to show their own advertising.

Although there are question marks about who clicks on Google ads, who clicks on those Gmail ad slots, Google's reported annual revenue of $ 25 billion comes from ads that hit 1%, or 250 million dollars through Gmail. In other words, it does not seem to make much sense to bypass this advertising area, which has given Google nearly $ 700,000 a day, in content targeting

Gmail Ads Targeting

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